Since all of my work is one of a kind, and I have no mass production or assembly line, keep in mind that many of the items shown may have already been sold. If you are interested in a sold item, of course, I will be happy
to build it again for you. Everything is made specifically for the person who ordered it.


Although I use new wood to make the furniture, I like to make it more interesting by incorporating some old wood pieces like old windows, doors and shutters that have been reclaimed. My hardware is new, but aged to look 100 years old through my own special technique.Color and Finish Using my “secret sauce” under the paint gives my furniture it’s aged look.

But I can also do layered paint or grained finishes. I have an assortment of basic colors to choose from, but I do not match specific shades. Example: Build and paint a cupboard to match or "go with" carpeting, draperies etc.I paint all the furniture by hand - NO spray painting. NOTE: The color of the photos may differ slightly from the real object.

Thank you for your interest in my work.I hope someday to be making something for you.